By the time we met Rishi and Priya in person, we had already met Priya's family a couple of times discussing the wedding. Both of them seemed to be extremely subtle people and the family was super enthusiastic about this wedding. As we started shooting for them, we realized that "subtle" was not the best adjective for this super fun couple. Priya is always smiling, and passes it on to everyone around her. Rishi always looks calm, but you should see this man party ! We are proud to present their love story, One Crazy Love, which took us all on a 1200Km+ road trip, where we made some friends, shared some tears, ate some awesome food, and also managed to shoot this video. Thank you to everyone from their wonderful families who went out of their way to help us do our job better. With all our heart, we hope you enjoy watching this video as much as we enjoyed shooting and editing it. One Crazy Love. Pls only watch on 720p.
R + R , easily one of the best looking couple we have shot till date, and always always smiling. Awesome families, very helpful cousins and friends, we wish all the smiles you see for the next three and a half minutes stay with you forever. Forever :)
Presenting Shivani and Chaitanya's wedding film trailer. Thank you for being so awesome, good looking and patient all the time. We will always remember you two, very fondly. And a bigger thank you to all the family members for making us feel at home throughout the three day wedding. We hope you enjoy watching this trailer as much as we enjoyed creating it for you. Please feel free to like and share !
A Muslim wedding we shot sometime back, our first attempt at a cinematic wedding film in a budget. :) Login for more at
When a very weird photographer gets married to a very pretty event manager, with one and a half cinematographers ! :)